A Delicious Work in progress!  Patience please


A Delicious Work in progress!  Patience please


About Red Market Beef

Red Market Beef Butchery and American Diner feature Lilybird Ranch beef, exclusively.  We know Lilybird Ranch holds a high standard and raises the healthiest beef.

No chemicals, additives, growth-hormones. They are spoiled rotten steers, well-loved, peaceful, and stress-free. We tell them they are going to The Island. It keeps the processing stress level down!

In taste-tests, this beef consistently out-performed all other ground beef and steaks we tested.  Tender, juicy, delicious.  And did I mention, lean?

On the Butchery side, we only sell beef to begin with. When you find the best, you don’t get sidetracked.  Our butchers are artisans*. We like to give them full freedom to create beef cuts perfect for each customer.

We will have a favorite items for sale such as healthy unprocessed honey, coconut oil, olive oil, and a few hidden tidbits! We are on constant lookout for items made in America, where possible. These items are not limited to but will include tea brands, local honey, healthy coconut oil, California olive oil. 

On the Red Market Beef side, we will offer you a free Jenn Slider as a taste delight for your mouth! Why should you purchase our beef if you don’t know how good it is? We will also offer items such as pre-made patty in bulk, so all you have to do is toss them on a grill!

Once established, on the American Diner side, we plan an old-fashioned diner setting, offering what we consider diner food – our delicious beef in hamburger form; we plan all-beef hot dogs (our beef), chili (our beef), and homemade corn dogs.

We are in the process of creating our own sauces, sugar-free where possible, or a limited amount of raw sugar when necessary. We feature sea salt and will be as chemical-free as possible.

We will feature light lunch entrées such as filling salads. Our own greenhouses are in the works so that vegetables will be as fresh as anyone can ask for!

You will want to try our secret bar-b-que sauce (guaranteed to be heaven-sent). A sugar-free one is in the works so everyone can enjoy bbq sauce without pesky side-effects.

And those sides exclusive to Red Market Beef.  My, my.  I can’t tell you yet but they are highly unusual and well, heavenly!


(ar’ ty san)
 noun –  person skilled in an applied art; a craftsperson.


When we land and are up and running, you’ll be the first to know… well, after us, of course.

Contact:  Leland W. Loyd